30" Pampas grass

30" Pampas grass

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Our beautiful fluffy pampas grass makes the perfect addition to your home, wedding, or event!

Total Height: 2.5 ft. (30in.)

Plume Height: 10" to 14"

Amount: 5 Stems

— The Color, Size, and Shape of each plume of pampas may vary as it is a natural product.

— This is a natural dried product and therefore does not need to be watered/placed in water

— Pampas Grass may shed, but this is normal. To avoid this, place it in a low-traffic area and give it a light spray of strong-hold hairspray!

Care Instructions:

1. Before bringing Pampas Grass into your home, give each reed a good shake — allowing excess plume shedding to occur.

2. Use a pair of garden shears to trim the stems to the desired height for your vase or arrangement.

3. to Fluff your pampas grass you may use a blow dryer on a low setting.

4. Arrange Pampas Grass reeds in your vase, delicately styling the plume until you’ve achieved the desired effect.

5. Once you’ve styled each plume to perfection, grab a high-hold hairspray and give them a generous misting. This will ensure the stands stay put and will help to keep shedding at bay!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the delicate nature of Pampas grass, we can not accept returns or exchanges.

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