MOOD BOARD - Each room will receive two different mood boards showcasing each proposed piece of furniture, artwork, lighting and decor.   

VISUAL RENDERING - We will create a visual room rendering for each room to replicate the overall look and feel of the space. Please note, in certain spaces, a visual rendering is not always possible.

FLOOR PLAN - Each option we present will also receive a 2D floor plan of all suggested products to illustrate placement and scale. 

PRODUCT BREAKDOWN - You will receive an interactive product breakdown where you're able to go through all photos and information on the products in more detail.  

ORDER DISCOUNT - If you spend over $5000 + GST per room, you also receive a 10% discount off your entire order and anything else you'd like to purchase for a period of one month after the presentation.

A SPECIFICALLY CURATED ASSORTMENT - Our website is only showing a fraction of the products we have access to. We source and curated from over 40 suppliers based off the requirements unique to you.

Ready to Find out More?

our process


All of our projects begin with a questionnaire which allows us to get to know about you and your upcoming project. This allows our team to fully understand the scope of work so we are prepared to arrange a time to discuss in more detail.

Once this service is purchased we will reach out with a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to us.


Once we review your questionnaire we will reach out to book a time to meet! We always like to start with a one hour on-site consultation where we really get to know all about YOU! We want to get an idea of your style and what your needs are for your space. We use this time to go over the overall look and feel you want to achieve. 

We will also take necessary measurements and photographs so your designer can really start to dive in. 

Please be sure to nail down your budget prior to your on-site consult. This is a very important factor and saves us a lot of time when sourcing items for your project.


Time for us to get to work! Our designer will start by creating a 2D floor plan of your space then they will start to curate the furniture and decor into a cohesive and perfectly planned layout. Each piece is meticulously selected to not only fit in the space but to play off every other piece in the space. 

Concepts take about 3 weeks to produce but it depends on the size and scope of the project. 

Once complete you will receive your presentation via email. The presentation will include 2 options of each of the following, Mood Board, Visual Rendering, 2D Floor Plan, and Product Breakdown.


At this point, we will have presented you with your design concepts and you will have had some time to go through and think it all over. Once you’re ready, we like to set up a time to chat about what we have provided and WHY we have given you these options. Again, we choose all of our pieces to create a cohesive overall feel and look so try not to sweat the small stuff! Now you’ll be prepared to go through your product breakdown and start making some selections. We can work with you to tweak the designs to a certain degree but we hope you will put your trust in us to create a cohesive space that stays true to our unique design style. Once you have made all of your selections and have paid your 50% deposit we can start to order. Lead times will vary and we will keep you posted every step of the way.


It's better than Christmas morning, it's install day! Our team will arrange with you in advance to deliver and set up your room/rooms. Please note that the install is a separate cost and will depend on the size and scope of your project. The time of an install will vary but to give you an idea, one room may take up to 4 hours to set up, style and photograph while a full home could take 2-3 days. Our delivery team will bring in heavy items and assemble while our designer takes care of the placement and all of the important little details to transform your space. Depending on the project, we may ask that the home or room be vacant so our team can really get down to business and give you the final reveal.  


An integral part of our business is promotion through our portfolio and creative content. Each of our design projects, big or small, are all equally important which is why we ask for your consent to photograph the space after install. This will allow us to continue to grow our portfolio, reach new clients and showcase our talent! You are part of our journey and we want to share it with the world!